Hello, my name is Jefferson Taffet.

My name is Jefferson Taffet and I am the founder of Good People News. I am a 44 year old father, husband, son, friend and brother in addition to being a business owner of 11 years, band leader for almost 20 years, union actor & writer for almost 30 years, social & community activist, animal farmer, music lover, ETC. 

Good People News was created to give ALL the Good People of the world an outlet to find inspiring, informative & intriguing news articles, photos and videos about GOOD PEOPLE doing good things!  

Positive affirmations are the first steps we must take to overcome any challenging and/or negative situation. It is my intent that Good People News will help you positively find your way throughout life by giving you an opportunity to discover the personal experiences and insights of other GOOD PEOPLE, who are willing to share their life's lessons and experiences.

Most of what I do during my lifetime is not for money and is a result of the genuine passion I feel for LIVING LIFE. I feel it is important that you, the reader, know that Good People News is a labor of LOVE for both the reader and myself. I make sure I always spiritually benefit from almost everything I do because it is much more important to have a peaceful heart and mind than a big bank account.

Wisdom, which comes through self awareness and evolution, is a powerful gift the universe has given to all of us. It is our duty to share with each other all that has made us wiser & more compassionate, which is why this paper, like my band of 20 years, is a labor of love vs labor for financial profit.

PLEASE feel free to contact me for ANY reason:                   contact@goodpeoplenews.com 

My door and my heart are always open.