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Quit Cigarettes

Quit Cigarettes

QUIT SMOKING: Many people have QUIT SMOKING with the list I will share with you at the bottom of this post.

The following "how to quit smoking" list is yours to use and to share. I truly want as many people benefiting from it as possible since cigarettes in their modern day form really are one of the worst drugs to ever exist.

 I wish you the best as you choose LIFE.....

PLEASE let me know if I can help you in any other way....

Here's my personal story & the list:

I quit a 10 year, 2 pack a day cigarette habit for 7 years, started again because I thought I could have “just one”, while playing cards at a casino on vacation, and then quit again 6 years after that on July 26, 2008 & will soon celebrate 9 years cigarette FREE.

I quit at a Widespread Panic concert because I couldn’t believe I was out of breath so early in the show and I was ready to choose LIFE & HEALTH vs. the negative alternatives and very real consequences for remaining a #smoker.  I knew I would need to carry the determination I felt to quit in that moment, as I threw a full pack away, for the rest of my life, if I were to stay a “nonsmoker”.

 Immediately upon quitting cigarettes, very positive things started happening in my life such as engagement, marriage, new home, 1st born child, etc. I believe that is because I was proactive in choosing LIFE for myself.

 Below are some things that helped me quit the first time and the 2nd time and have helped me stay quit for the last 9 years.

QUIT SMOKING CIGARETTES: (no particular order)

You have to have & keep the mental determination to remain a “nonsmoker” which is why affirmations and true behavior changes are absolutely required in order to never smoke again. It supposedly takes 21 days to change and/or add a “habit” & 3 days to get the nicotine out of your system.

You have to change your identity & this is a wonderful mantra that helps me to this day, 9 years later. You are so used to saying “I am a smoker “.  Say the opposite and really identify with being someone, who no longer smokes cigarettes.

3. Go outside and take a fresh air break vs a cigarette break.
Deep breathe. Relax. Actually Feel Refreshed.
It is important you still take the 5 minute breaks you are used to and entitled to and especially when at work.

4. Hold your breath & keep the cigarette smoke in your mouth for at least a minute.
Taste the chemicals and recognize that this cigarette is not in any way something that is good for you but rather it is truly a poison intended to addict and then kill you by companies happily “taxing you to death”.  A friend & I both quit at the exact same time (the first time I quit) by holding the smoke in our mouths for a minute. For the first time since the very first time I smoked cigs and got sick after doing so, they tasted exactly like what they are…POISON.
We both literally quit that very second after keeping the smoke in our mouth for about a minute.

They are a God send that you can find in places like health food grocery stores such as Earth Fare. They even say on the back that they help ease the cravings of nicotine and it is the truth. I had a box everywhere so as to never be without them. After 6 months, I weened myself off the tea tree sticks because chewing the sticks started hurting my jaw but by then I really was a “NON SMOKER”.

6. $$$ SAVED
Calculate all the Money saved & reward yourself with purchasing something actually good for yourself. I personally SAVE $2688/year by being CIGARETTE FREE.

7. Change your toothbrush!
You re-addict yourself every time you brush your teeth with the nicotine that is always in your toothbrush. It takes 72 hours for the nicotine to fully leave your body so it is important to not keep putting the poison back into your body via your toothbrush.

Cannabis is a great alternative for those, who are willing to choose this type of medicinal path. It most definitely can help take the edge off during the initial phases of becoming a “nonsmoker”.

9. Stay Away From Alcohol until you really are a “Nonsmoker”!
So many people, including myself, fall back when “quitting” because of even one sip of alcohol. It is my suggestion that you wait 6 months to a year depending on how “strong you feel” about truly being a “FOREVER Non Smoker” before you attempt to drink alcohol again. If you feel the urge to smoke creeping on then you are not ready to drink.

10. Walk away until the desire no longer affects you when other people are smoking.
They will be done with their cigarettes in 5 minutes & then you can resume your conversation. If you are truly determined to remain a “non smoker” then this will not be something you have to do for long since you will soon find that the smell of the cigarette is truly horrendous and repulsive vs. appealing in any way whatsoever.

11. ONLY YOU can choose to stay committed to the process of becoming a “nonsmoker”.
You can have the best support group in the world, but you must choose to do this for yourself.


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author: Jefferson Taffet


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