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Ultimate Freedom Check Sheet

Ultimate Freedom Check Sheet

Mules and Users are constantly getting arrested because they got pulled over and searched for one reason or another that is usually always preventable. We are always adding to the following list so check back often.

Please let us know in the comments section if you have anything to add. 




3.If someone calls you over and over and over again they are potentially setting you up. Don't pick up. Don't show up.

4. Always wear your seat belt

5. Never stash your Stash w/ your ID, Care Registration and Insurance Card! 

6. Never stash your Stash in the glove box or anywhere else within reach of the driver's seat.

7. If traveling with a large quantity, always have a misdemeanor amount stashed elsewhere if there is absolutely no way to avoid a search. Often the professionals searching your car will stop after finding the more obvious location. 

8. Learn your rights re: searches and how to legally avoid them. (more articles to come re this topic)

9. Take all stickers off your car that could possibly associate you with anything illegal.

10. Loud music can get you pulled over. 

11. Check your brake lights

12. Check your turn signals

13. Check your headlights

14. Make sure your car tag is up to date.

15. Someone all of a sudden wants a large increase than their normal amount, do not sale them anything. Lay low.

16. Always travel with anything that smells in Mason Jars. 

17. Large quantities can be placed in vacuum sealed bags. Make sure you can do smell tests for at least one full 24 period with the bags being placed where they will be transported. Keep the vehicle out in the sun during the afternoon for the best smell proof test. 

18. NARCS, NARCS, NARCS. The number one reason besides traffic stops that people are busted. Beware of Narcs. They can be your best friend one day and hanging you out to dry the next to save their own skin. Everyone has something to lose.

19. Don't sell people anything that will be a felony charge for them if they get caught. Most people will take a misdemeanor charge but they will think twice about turning their dealer in if they are facing a felony and especially one that would require them going to jail.

20. Always keep guns and scales away from your stash. Guns will increase your charge dramatically and scales will automatically bump your charge to distribution no matter how small the quantity you are discovered with. 

21. to be cont.....


This Much I Know Is True

This Much I Know Is True

Go Give Love To Your Body

Go Give Love To Your Body